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Opening a tattoo studio, an art gallery, and a music venue in the midst of a global pandemic might seem like a bad idea- but that's exactly what we managed to do. We believe in the power of community and we are dedicated to using this space to do good by our neighbors, so we cast hesitation to the wind and used our focus on the future to inspire us. With the help of our friends, we opened our doors to the public early 2021. Since then, we have hosted dozens of artists in our gallery, enjoyed hours of live performances, and crafted lifelong body art for our incredible client

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Doug has nearly 17 years of tattoo experience under his belt, and is a board member of both the Steel Valley Enterprise Zone and the Homestead Round Table. In 2021, he was voted as the Rivers Of Steel Volunteer Of The Year. He is active in both the arts and music communities in Pittsburgh and throughout the area. He is versed in many tattoo styles, with focus on a blending of traditional and abstract arts.

Kyle went through apprentice bootcamp for 1.5 years, and has now been tattooing for many months. He has been an accomplished artist most of his life. With experience in silkscreening, digital design, painting, and illustration, Kyle's finely crafted personal style shows through all of his techniques, but he eagerly takes on any challenge.

Ronnie is the newest apprentice, though she has been studying art on her own time for a few years. From momento mori inspired illustrations, paintings featuring the brutality of nature and mythology, to traditional American tattoo style- Ronnie has gone through many thematic changes. She is currently obsessed with high fantasy art and hopes to mesh those styles with traditional tattooing.

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